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Submission Guidelines is always looking for new voices…

The publication is now open to creative poetry and short fiction submissions. Short stories no longer than 6,000 words will be considered alongside poetry, (5 pages maximum,) by the monologging community.  Writers and poets are invited to defy all genres, express emotions and paint compelling portraits. Worthy pieces will receive editorial feedback. Selected works will be published on annual.

Only .doc, .docx and PDF formats are accepted. Before submitting, please let your words pile up, choose your best, edit and review. To submit your work for consideration, please follow the links below according to your writing interest. A $3.00 reading fee applies to every submission.


1.) Compose a story of 6,000 words or less.

2.) Compose a brief cover letter, (250 words max) to accompany your submission.

3.) Submit your work via submittable.  $2.00 reading fee applies.


1.) Compose a single poem or series of poems no longer than 5 pages.

2.) Compose a brief cover letter, (250 words max) to accompany your submission

3.)Submit your work and cover letter via submittable. $2.00 reading fee applies.



At we love to highlight the creative processes of talented artists. We also endeavor to connect artists with writers, inspiring collaborative multimedia projects. Give us a glimpse of your portfolio today & have your work featured in the magazine! 

1.) Visual art including photography, paintings and other imagery submissions are welcome. Specific file types apply. 

2.) No more than 5 files accepted at a time.

3.) Submit your work and cover letter via submittable. $2.00 viewing fee applies.


*Note: All submissions are subject to community review. Only entries approved by our editorial staff will be published.