3 Poems by George Popovic

“March Rains” and Two More – Poetry by George Popovic, Photography by Anthony Maes



March Rains


There you are, so very far


The days roll

Like gravel on the bed

Of a river running

To meet you

To touch you, like the billowing sail

The gloaming

To greet you, there, across the minute


Of distanced sections

And in a second–

Here you are, not so very far

Like the winds that fall upon the heels

Of March rains

Sweeping the streets of frosts

And memories lost to

Days that ran aground

By a breast sunk

In melancholy.





Was it on a day like this?

I can’t be sure, I’m sure–

For the days all seem the same,

All like this,

That day that I spilled myself out

over the sidewalk,

And this and that about love,

And that and this about love,

That love an ethics,

That love a science,

As the clouds above sent down rain

In torrents upon the sidewalk,

And the winds about us swirled,

The trees extending branches,

And swept us away,

Like autumn leaves.




It doesn’t matter where it goes–

The L train, I mean,

As it grinds away the tracks,


Shaking the cobbles overhead,

Shuddering about the narrow canals,

Light and dark,

A camera’s shutter,

Beneath the Brooklyn streets,

At its leisure from stop to stop,

Unlocking the city,

Taking its time,

Passengers from here to there,

And me,


from you.




George Popovic is a philosopher-poet from New York. His work inhabits the intersection of the amatory, the philosophic, the melancholic, and the amusing. Thematically, it is concerned with meaning, cityscapes, love, nostalgia, and memory (or experience in hindsight) as a kind of lived-in timelessness. He believes that poetry in particular is about (or can be interpreted, in one way, as) facilitating the aesthetic experience in the reader, in a mode that is necessarily fragmented and elegant–perspectives are metamorphosed, identities manipulated and idealized, events occur against the backdrop of a perpetual “Then” or “Now,” all with a view to reproducing the feeling of a scene or moment. He is greatly concerned with context, greatly indebted to antiquity, and perhaps overly indulgent in the intertextual. 


A native of Denver, Anthony Maes is a Chicano Visual Artist who is well known for his editorial & documentary photography. Anthony’s eye has allowed him to beautifully storytell with his work as well as encapsulate a very intimate view & cultural identity of his subject. Anthony’s work has helped him to create a diverse portfolio of art works ranging from photojournalism, concert & fashion photography to portraiture. Additionally, Anthony is a cofounder of the Denver Photo Swap and a member of the photography Collective Theyshootn.