Winter ’22-’23



Enduring Verse Essay by Jeffrey F. Barken, Still-Life With Seashell  Painting by Neelab Mahmoud

My Algorithm is Toxic  Fiction by Branson Rideaux, Art by Peter Max Lawrence

The Element Of Ether  Poetry by Ailsa Snaith, Painting by Julia Guzzio 

Allied Editors 8 Monologue by C. Travis Webb, The American Age

Eye to Eye V  Interactive Monologues & Art by Simon Ashmore & Becca Thorne 

Say it with Flowers Recorded Memoir & Essay by Angela Douglas, Conversation With Isha Liu

View From the Mantel – Fiction by C.A. Parker, Fire Flower – Art by Heather Crank 

Distillation Poetry in Process by Matthew Muñoz & Jeffrey F. Barken, The Golden Cage Art by Anke Riemenschneider 

The Sunrise Queen Fiction by Alex DiFrancesco Color and Water – Art by Heather Crank 

Still Life of Another’s Fruit  Poem by Todd Portnowitz, Flower of Eden – Art by Maxwell McLean 

Allied Editors 9 Monologue by Ryan Dennis, The Milk House

National Runaways  Excerpt from GLORY GUITARS: Memoir of a ’90s Teenage Punk Rock Grrrl by Gogo Germaine, Just Before You Feel Most Alive  Art by Jessica Bernal

Food is Life – Essay by Diane Choplin, Art by Josiah Lopez

Ghosts  Fiction by Charlotte Fleming, Photo by Austin Barboza 

Eye to Eye VI Interactive Monologues & Art by Laura Kerr & Simon Ashmore

Paper Future-Tellers & Elder Gods  Fiction by L.J. Longo, Art by Ian Welling  

Margin Poems  Anonymous Poetry, Art by Geena Massaro 

Three Tattoos  Interactive Memoir by Kimberly Sheridan 

Allied Editors 10 Monologue by Linor Goralik, R.O.A.R

Thread Poetry by Mark Gordon, Tangled Art by Stephan Vasement

Renewed Dispatches – Essay by Brian O’Hare 

How I Came To Give Up Zoroastrianism – Flash by Pheroze Wadia 

Keeping the Christ in Easter – Essay by Olivia Fitzpatrick, The Light at La Morada Art by Mary Kimber  

#AfricanStories – Collaborative Multimedia: Painting by Ian Pearsall, Essay by Reginald Crawford, 
Poem by Lindsay Bainbridge – Creative Ensemble Inspired By A Ceesay Yankuba Street Film

Eye to Eye VII Interactive Monologues & Art by Laura Kerr & Jeffrey F. Barken 

Paying Postage – Monologue by Marty Johnson, Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office 

Karma Poetry by Guenevere Kimber, Art by Ian Welling 

This – Poems by Srividya Joshi, Blue Room – Art by Stephan Vasement

Antique Anecdote  Monologue by Michelle Robertson, RNR Collectibles LTD 

Allied Editors 11 Monologue by Sam Fratto, The Golden Chode Magazine

The Rest – Interview with Ben Bookout & Camaron Cohen, The Rest Gallery

Three Poems  – Poetry by James Croal Jackson, Photo by Austin Barboza

Eye to Eye VIII Interactive Monologues & Art by Becca Thorne & Jeffrey F. Barken 

The Sound and Voices of War –  Memoir by Vadym Yakovlev, Translation by Olena Jennings

Green Cuisine  Conversation About Ithaca New York’s Green New Deal Featuring Acting Director of Sustainability, Rebecca Evans, Renowned Induction Current Chef, Chris Galarza & Executive Director of Ithaca’s Southside Community Center, Chavon Bunch