Monologging Spring ’17 Contents


Fading Manhattan – Fiction by Jeffrey Barken, Illustrations by Duizer

Enlightenment – Spoken Word Poetry by Andrea Barnes In a world of so many luxuries and desires, how do we ever let go?

The Mentor – Book Review of the forthcoming thriller by Lee Matthew Goldberg (MacMillan, June 2017), by Benjamin Mumford-Zisk

Monologue: Nudes – Photography Artist Loreal Prystaj discusses her art of nude photography combined with self-portraiture

#1LineWed: Twitter Triumphs – Jennifer Cremerius documents the rise of Twitter writing games turned viral hashtags: how they started, how they help writers connect and gain followings, and how it helps writers write better.

Big Screen Streaming – Interview with Filmmaker Daniel Slottje by Roger Market, including preview of the film Family Business, due for release in 2017.

Know Me Well – Flash Memoir by Silvana Jakich – A girl learns to hide herself from her mother, much to her regret later in life.

The Wug Test – Book Review of the poetry collection by Jennifer Kronovet, by Kendra Saldana

Mantras & 9098  – Poems by Dallas Athent 

Bleach – Fiction by N.I. Mahmoud 

Gastro-authenticity: The Trials and Tribulations of Eating Plants – Essay by Joshua Wanger

Monologue: Currents – Monologging Artist Stephen Higgins Discusses Current Events Portrayed in his Art

Notes From My Phone -Book Review by Diana Mumford–

The 9th Player  -Reporting by Liya Lachovizer–

Guerrilla Lit – An Interview With Marco Rafala, Co-Founder of the Guerrilla Lit NYC Reading Series-

Co-op Courage – Profile of the Buffalo Street Bookstore, a Local Treasure in Ithaca NY. Reporting by Jesse Saldana & Jeffrey F. Barken

Monologue: Graffiti – Monologging Artist Dara Lorenzo Discusses the Theme of Graffiti in Her Art Work

The Indie Beat – Essay on Indie Music by Katelyn Brunner

Like A Priest into the Desert – Memoir by Michael Farrell Smith

Monologue: Color – Monologging Artist Diana Muller Discusses the Theme of Color in Her Art Work

Ready to Record – Musician Josh Hatcher prepares to record his new album. Reporting by Sarah Chaneles

Deep Roots – Community Farming on College Campuses. Essay by Emily Horowitz

Ignorance is Bliss – Michael Hassoun Reflects on Life in Israel