is an annual online literary magazine and small press. The platform connects writers with artists around the world, prompting collaborative multimedia creations.



 The Winter ’24 issue of Monologging,


Includes original fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, monologues and art from a devoted community of creative thinkers. Contributors explore the realms of rewilding, discovering new creative processes and the stewardship of interconnected life.


Winter ’24 Contents


Editor’s Statement:

Traditional books have only one entry point. Websites, on the other hand, present countless portals. From links scattered across the web, readers are transported into the heart of a story when they visit Founded in 2011, the “local-global collaborative magazine” and press provides up-and-coming writers and artists with a platform to experiment and collaborate. Uniquely, the premise for derives from my novel, All the Lonely Boys in New York. The speaking game, “Big Echo,” later called, “Monologue,” helps the veteran soldiers portrayed in the book employ free speech and to overcome PTSD-related inhibitions.

For aspiring authors, this is also an excellent writing prompt. By evoking “Monologue” and other interactive models for intensive, two-way, creative communication, seeks to build an international community of writers and artists and to provide a social context for their work. Few experiences are more valuable to a writer or artist than seeing their creations indulged and reimagined by a contemporary.

Collaboration enlarges the scope of the creative works on, establishing a borderless realm for artistic projects. In addition to great fiction and poetry features, the publication provides regular art-related reporting. However you’ve stumbled across, be it by print or by click, we hope that the collected media has enhanced your reading experience, inspiring you to connect.

Jeffrey F. Barken