Monologging Summer ’19 Contents


Double Exposure – An Invitation to the American Age by Jeffrey F. Barken 

The Ancestor – Fiction (Excerpt) by Lee Matthew Goldberg 

Notes from Iceland – Poetry by Dallas Athent

Alaska & This is Not My Town – Poetry by GM Palmer

Candy for Dinner in the Desert –  Memoir (Excerpt) by Rocky Halpern

Slogan I 

Magnolia Annex – Poetry by Mark Gordon

I/Herd/That – Poetry by Francie Hall, Painting by Mary Kimber

Slogan II

Change of Address – Memoir by N.I. Mahmoud

Stilled – Flash Fiction by Michelle Robertson

Slogan III

About Tea Time – Literary Remedies by Kimberly Richardson 

Three Poems Spell A Letter – Poetry and Memoir by Jane Dougherty

The Region – Essay by Joseph S. Pete

Underground(s) – Creative Nonfiction by Katelyn Brunner

Slogan IV

The Talisman of Strummer – Memoir by Red Barnes

Having a Coke with YOU, Frank– Essay & Photo Journal by Sally Lasson

A Stop Sign A Place To StopPoetry by Lorena Parker Matejowsky