Winter ’24



Laughter Production Notes By Jeffrey F. Barken, Fortune Teller Light Design by Wesley Burdett

Ursa Minor Lyric Essay by Talia BarNoy, Photography by Anthony Maes

Threnody Memoir by Neelab Mahmoud, Painting by Ava Sage Wright, Call to Mind Musical Score & Accompanying Photography by Peter James

Creating “My” Island Essay by Angela E. Douglas, Nature Boy Art by A.J. Springer

Kolya Krasotkin Gets A Stepfather Fiction from Stories from Children by Alexander Harrington, Painting by Soul26

The Wildness of Faith Monologue by C. Travis Webb

Chicanofuturismo Microcinema by J. Marquez-Simanca

3 Poems by George Popovic, Photography by Anthony Maes

Eye to Eye, Lightning Round Monologues & Artwork by Becca Thorne, Kazuyoshi Nakamura & Jeffrey F. Barken 

A Distance Poetry by Guenevere Kimber, Gravesend Photography by Seldon Hunt

SCAR – From the Rich Earth Poem by Lindsay Bainbridge, Paintings by Ian Pearsall

All-One Essay by Misha Scott, The Sine Between You and Me Sculpture Art by Seema Lisa Pandya

Spirited Children Monologue By Amy Merrill Concerning the Preservation of Wildness Among Children

Seaweed Fiction and Illustration by Shaun Peter Qureshi

Distillation II Poetry in Process by Matthew Muñoz, Saki, Jeffrey F. Barken, & Laura Kerr 

Lucidly Chester House Fiction by Diane Choplin, The Party Art by A.J. Springer

The Wildness of Compromise Monologue By Gorham, ME Schools Superintendent, Heather Perry

Cherry Blossom Seeds Spoken Word Poetry by Jean-Sebastian Surena, Art by Jack Avila

Tales of the Fall (A Tragicomedy in Five Cracks) Essay by Ann Gold

2 Poems by Shiksha Dheda, Nirvana Chronicles Painting by Mary Kimber

Allied Editors 12 Monologue by Ryan Dennis

Postcards of Camilla Essay & Memorabilia by Vernon Manzini-Shimwell

An Old Man’s Silent Prayer Poetry by David A. Levitsky, Photograph by Jeffrey F. Barken

Heartland Essay and Collages by Kimberly Sheridan 

2 Poems by T.S. Bronson, The Begley Brothers & Bodhran Needlepoint Art by Ciara O’Connor

Be Lucky: Rewilding Memoir with Sid Pink & Gogo Germaine and Winterhearted Prose by Sid Pink, Art by Dale Nason

2 Poems by James Croal Jackson, Photography by Anthony Maes

Quarantine, A Testament to Process Monologues by Carles Gomila, Darren Green, Itziar Lecea Llufriu 

Airplane Boredom Fiction by Phillip Yuen, Painting by Soul26

Ambushed Essay by Valerie Bunce, Denial Art by A.J. Springer

Journey Poetry by Mark Gordon, Photograph by Jeffrey F. Barken