Monologging Summer ’18 Contents


Candlight Apathy – Collaborative poetry slideshow by Jeffrey Barken & Selkie Malka

Jonah – Fiction by Mark Holden 

Correspondence – Collaborative Poetry by John Guzlowski & Martin Stepek, with Paintings by Maxine Sumner

Painting Poetry –  Time lapse video illuminates poetry by Diana Muller

Anonymous I 

Laudable Motives – Story by Mark Salzwedel

Big Screen Streaming – “La Vita Rosa” Film reviewed by Roger Market

The Rabbit Debacle – Essay by Andrea “Red” Barnes

Anonymous II

Ithaca Is Drag – Reporting by Sarah Chaneles

Peaks of Inspiration – Essay by Lee Matthew Goldberg

Kahf – Poem by Brandon D. Hildreth, drawings by Lee Zimmeran

Not That Kind of Girl – Story by N.I. Mahmoud

Anonymous III

Excerpt: Some Boys Are Better Dead – Poetry by GM Palmer 

Dialoguing – Honest Conversation With C. Travis Web, @ “The American Age” Yields a Testament to the Resilience of Reason

Santa Barbara – Poetry by Dallas Athent, Illustration by Katy Wisniewski

Hammer of Truth – Essay & Poetry by Devlin Wolfwood

In the Field Poetry By Angela Kimber

Do Right by Your Fellow Man – Poem by Anton Yakovlev, Painting by Dara Lorenzo

Anonymous IV

Epileptic Connect Group – Essay by Katelyn Brunner

Memory – Fiction by Kimberly B. Richardson

Thanks for Riding With Jesus – Story by Gary Zeiss