Autumn 2021 Contents


Eye to Eye I –  Interactive Monologues & Photography by Simon Ashmore & Jeffrey F. Barken

Power (Out)age – Poem by Dua Al Bostani Al Fattohi; Drawing by Casper Duizer

The Calmer – Postcard Poem by Rawad Raidan

Zij – Mapping Journeys: Essay by Neelab Mahmoud; Monologue by Ari Honarvar; Poem & Drawings by Geena Massaro 

Women of a Certain Age – Essay by Nancy Slavin; In Plain Sight – Painting by Mary Kimber  

XO Clementine – Reporting by J.T. Stone; Rise Up – Painting by Hsiao-Pei Yang

Waiting For Tanya – Fiction by Aaron Clark; Mexican Boy Painting by Edward Cazares 

Allied Editors 5 – Monologue by Laura Stanfill, Forest Avenue Press

Vita Mia – Fiction by L.J. Longo; Life After Death – Painting by Lui Ferreyra  

Eye to Eye II –  Interactive Monologues and Photography by Simon Ashmore and Valda Bailey

Visibility – Prose Poem & Monologue by Nina Regalado; Art by Dara Lorenzo 

Urban Vintages – Monologue on Wines by Frédéric Robert Bouché, Ports of New York 

Triumphus – Microcinema Vignette with Poster by J Marquez-Simanca 

Nuance I – Monologue on Jewelry by Lark Dixon 

The System & ReUp – Poems by Sheldon Hall; Art by DECA  

The Greenhive – Monologue by Jules and Chris; Art by Greenhive Artists 

Pops – Flash Fiction by Sobia Ali; Super Friend  Art by Erin Asmussen 

Bridging Visages – Interview with Beth Farr, Bridges Cornell Heights 

Petals – Poem by Olena Jennings; Photography by Marisa Astuno

Nuance II – Monologue on Jewelry by Omar Monroy 

Pineal Crypt – Music Video/Art by Djoto Eshei 

My Brother Jacques – Fiction by Ann-Marie Everitt; Linus-lienus-align-us Painting by Jessica Bernal 

Money Isn’t Everything, But Everything Is Money – Fiction by Garrett D.G.,  Photography by David Hails 

Resident Auras – Monologue by Bradley Butler, Main Street Arts  

London, Paris, New York: A Centimeter Journey – Travel Fragments by Kaz Fujimoto; Digital Art by Djoto Eschei & Illustration by Russell Parrish  

Lipstick Under My Mask, Cracks Under My Gloves – Flash & Monologue by Shiksha Dheda & Digital Art by Emily DeSmidt 

Ipomoea arborescens –  Poem by Nell Smith & Photography by Jeremy Elliott

Ghost Conference –  Fiction by Dolan Morgan & Drawings by Peter Max Lawrence  

Star Rise in Taos – Poem by G.M. Palmer; You’re the skies – Painting by Jean Paul Sandoval 

Gaze – Poetry by Mark Gordon, Paintings by Hsiao-Pei Yang

Nuance III – Monologue on Jewelry by Michael Abdulky 

Gaijin  Memoir by Kelsey Cleveland 

Allied Editors 6 – Monologue by Greg Gerding, University of Hell Press & The Big Smoke America

For Joan Nestle: Writer, Mentor & Friend – Essay by Tanya Visceglia; Bear D Bear in Egypt – Painting by Erin Asmussen

Eye to Eye III – Interactive Monologues & Photography by Michela Griffith & Jeffrey F. Barken 

Expectant – Monologue by Laura Siddons, The Nesting Place

Empty Streets & Never Forget Kissing In Bars – Poems by Luca Massimo Lombardo & Photography by Milly Ruggiero 

She Dreams of El Paso – Fiction by Silvana Jakich

Inkdrop – Art Process by Daniel Crosier 

Compression – Flash Memoir by Liv Phoinix & Digital Art by Djoto Eschei 

Being Seen – Memoir by Ebede Ndi & Digital Art by Edward Cazares 

Eye to Eye IV – Interactive Monologues & Photography by Michela Griffith & Valda Bailey

Allied Editors 7 – Monologue by C. Travis Webb, The American Age

All a Wash – Flash Memoir by Hannah Grieco & Painting by Jesi J. Jones