Monologging Autumn 2020 Contents


Arc of Coincidence – Essay by Jeffrey F. Barken

Margin Poem 1 – B.D. Hildreth 

Allied Editors 1 – Monologue by Magdalena Waz 

Too Soon To Know – Memoir by N.I. Mahmoud

Not for Nothin’ – Essay By Tanya Visceglia

Changeup – Poetry by Mark Gordon

Allied Editors 2 – Monologue by Taylor Byas

Mirror | Mirror – Memoir by Erin Barnes

Margin Poem 2 – B.D. Hildreth

Insula – Video-art by J Marquez-Simanca

New York vs. Boston – Fiction by Chola Chisengalumbwe

Allied Editors 3 – Monologue by David Lerner Schwartz

Muscular and Vulnerable – Books Reviewed By G.M. Palmer

Private Language – Essay By Pheroze Wadia, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University

My Year With Emily – Essay & Poem by Daniel Gleason

Monologue: Grand Opening – Monologue by Dara Lorenzo

The Mechanics of Salvation – Fiction by Jordan Faber

Margin Poem 3 – B.D. Hildreth

Your Sins Will Find You Out – Memoir Excerpt By Amanda E.K.

Jake Et Al – Poetry By Guenevere Kimber

Entangled Poets – A Collaborative Interview Via eMail & Twitter –

Distilled – Whiteout Poems by Angelique Zobitz –

Allied Editors 4 – Monologue by C. Travis Webb

Dinner Party – Fiction By Aaron Clark

@VANEK.CZ – A One Act Play by J.B. Alexander

Margin Poem 4 – B.D. Hildreth

Sidesteps– Memoir by Michelle Robertson

Poetry in Translation – Nat Kimber & Anton Yakovlev