Cherry Blossom Seeds

Spoken Word Poetry by Jean-Sebastien Surena & Art by Jack Avila



I found love in the eyes of a woman who saw

a reflection of herself in all she viewed.

The perfect blueprint for God’s creation.

I found love along the bridge of a woman’s nose

who smelled of a nature beyond roses–

cherry blossoms meet the mist after rain.

I found love in the mind of a woman whose

intellect ran circles around mine.

I found love on the lips of a woman who

spoke tongues yet to be discovered,

words only meant to be heard by my ears.

I found love on the face of a woman who

faced the world each day and made it kneel.

I found love in the hands of a woman whose

palms could have birthed nations, but

instead chose to caress my soul as I recited

my prose, my poems, and my woes.

The woman is gone, but the love remains.

The wounds have healed, but have left the pain.

I still smell the aroma of cherry blossoms after the rain.





Jean-Sebastien Surena is a Haitian-American poet and spoken word artist hailing from Queens, NY. In June 2021, Jean published his debut chapbook Quarantined Thoughts. He co-directed a short film based on one of its pieces, “Unbroken,” which was showcased at six film festivals, garnering awards for “Best Poetry” and “Best Performance.” Some of his work can be found published or forthcoming in the Pulsebeat Poetry JournalUmbrella Factory Magazine, Stepaway Magazine, Orchards Poetry Journal, and more. You can find out more about Jean via his Instagram @jeanthemachine_



Jack Avila an artist native to Colorado working and living in Denver. He studied at the Metropolitan State University in the heart of Denver. Jack’s work has bloomed through an informal introduction into the art world by graffiti, community art, murals, religious art, abandoned areas, urban exploration, tattooing and cartooning. Jack also studied drawing, ceramics and explored various new mediums which have helped morph his art into what it is today. His current work now focuses on composition of space by considering all options, visual elements, to allow as they come; never to shy away from new materials and techniques. He maintains an air of exploration and experimentation. These elements and their infinite combinations consistently feed Jack’s work with endless possibilities. This is a freedom he will take advantage of thru utilizing everything and anything at hand as material to create from: industrial, found, acquired or traditional artist materials. Using what he collects to deliver and document a spatial composition that draws its viewers’ eye throughout the piece rhythmically, so as to capture the viewer. Recently, Jack’s work moves back and forth from completely abstract pieces to narrative pieces thru collage; reusing collected images. Leaving the viewer to choose what is implied or what is only happenstance in the images and the elements combined with them. Yet again providing another wide range of creative freedom he absolutely enjoys.