– In-process photos of mural painted on wood-cross sections backdrop by Daniel Crosier

“Collin Parson at the Arvada Center reached out to me to see if I could do a wood mural piece.  He was looking for artists who worked in wood, which I was known for doing as a comic book artist doing mixed media on lumber.  I never attempted a mural on a wood background.  I cut up SO MANY fences posts using the cross sections as the canvas.  I went cross-eyed.  At the time I wanted to do something abstracted, but existing in nature. I loved the visual practical effects of clouds and storms in the sky in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and ‘Flash Gordon’ using ink drops in water tanks.  I wanted to do a translation of those still frames in my style.  I went to town on the wood, using paint markers. Fun Fun!”
Daniel Crosier




Daniel Crosier is a graduate of RMCAD 2000, with an BFA in sculpture.  He is a mixed media artist, and began a neo-kabuki performance group called OFM: OdAm fEI mUd in 2003.  Crosier came on the comic book scene in 2006 writing and illustrating Sons of Soil, The Exquisite Vanishteer, Distortions Unlimited, Vincent Price Presents, as well as illustrating Bartholomew of the Scissors & Caustic Soda. Crosier partnered with The Enigma and Serana Rose for Show Devils #1, with illustrator Karl Christian Krumpholz. He has directed  short films since 2005, and currently developing a Show Devils film which will be the second feature, after Isolation Man, a mockumentary about a superhero who accidentally vanishes the western hemisphere and Camp Crash, a Meatballs & Mad Max mashup.  Daniel is also one of the co-founders of Dink Comic and Art Expo, and Colorado Festival of Horror.  During the pandemic, Crosier has been producing COFOH Live & Undead, COFOH Presents, featuring interviews and original horror-based content, as well as Talking Palettes and Cafe Crash, interviewing creative and inspiring artists! Follow Daniel on Instagram @daniel_crosier.