Empty Streets & Never Forget Kissing In Bars

– Poems by Luca Massimo Lombardo & Photography by Milly Ruggiero – 


Photo by Milly Ruggiero


Empty Streets

Along empty streets,
only the lights of the night are mirroring

those who love
curl up in their coats
holding their hands, each other.
Opening their doors
somewhere else
kids are going to war.
Whores are on the pavements
and stations fill with sleepy men,

but those who love
just close the window
go to bed,

among warm and delicate arms

asking for some help.
The most beautiful thing
should not suffocate
in that dirty puddle
outside that door.




Photo by Milly Ruggiero

Never Forget Kissing In Bars

I know, we don’t talk anymore

no need to wonder why.

As the sun comes we’re in different beds and lives.

You had my soul under your skin,
and my pleasure was to let you breathe it, more and more

until we finished our drinks
letting the night taste our glances

while driving you back to your place;
a place where no one can stay and sleep and love you.

Now look out of your window and I’ll be gone;

can’t hear you anymore.

That’s no goodbye, that’s really nothing.

You really treated me so kind.

This isn’t just the right place for us,

we’re on the different side of the road.

I wish there was something you’d say

cause I really couldn’t say anything.




Luca Massimo Lombardo lives in Milan, Italy. He writes short stories and poetry, and is the author of a collection, Rats Chewed Up My Doormat. He’s interested in everything that happens after 2am. His works have appeared in literary magazines and webzines such as Unpublishable ZineKing’s DailyGoats Milk MagazineBrave Voices Magazine, and Peeking Cat. Follow him on Instagram @blurryrchive and on Twitter @viniciolombardo.



Milly Ruggiero is a publishing professional working in foreign rights. She previously lived in the UK for seven years working for publishers and literary agencies, and now she lives in Naples, Italy, and is the foreign rights manager for The Rights Factory, an agency based in Toronto. She loves old books and movies, spending time with friends, visiting beautiful cities around Italy, and organizing wine tastings and cultural events. Follow her on Instagram at @millyruggiero.