– Monologue by Laura Siddons 

The first ultrasound images of a fetus in utero, taken in 1955, remain a monumental human achievement, revolutionizing prenatal care for expecting mothers. Indeed every imaging session, whether routine or out of medical necessity, provides a powerful spiritual encounter with the unborn. Babies don’t always cooperate, and even with modern 3D imaging, faces are a blur. The brief instant when we first witness our children bounce with joy in the comfort of their mother’s womb, however, opens a window into the otherwise invisible mysteries of life. In the following monologue, Laura Siddons, doula and Co-founder of The Nesting Place, a Long Island-based wellness center specializing in prenatal and postpartum care, reflects on her experiences assisting mothers throughout the miraculous journey of parenting.




Laura Siddons is a Birth and Postpartum Doula and the Co-Founder of The Nesting Place. Laura believes that every mom and baby are unique, and therefore each experience is different. She is dedicated to helping moms find their voice by connecting them with information, support, and individualized care on their journey.