Poetry by Mark Gordon, Photograph by Jeffrey F. Barken 


There’s a journey we all take
not simply up the road, to hear
what the lake is saying
this early morning

but a forage in the forest
where we sense
a part of us still exists
without the comfort of concrete,
banana splits, and carousels
where the wild things
still  growl and hoot, afire
with themselves

In such a place
no one tells us to think this
or that, be a comrade
for the community
or we will put you in this camp
where you will learn
what voice to use among us

Thank God
for the endless universe
where the rules of physics
take a beating, where no one
puts us in a box, but lets us swirl
past that spinning galaxy, pink,
green, violet, aglow
in our backyard telescope

and we
navigators of the great unknown



Mark Gordon is a novelist and poet who grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His poetry has appeared in numerous literary journals in Canada and the United States, including Poet Lore, Quiddity International, and Roanoke Review. His three published novels are The Kanner Aliyah, Head of the Harbour, and The Snail’s Castle. He is presently living in Toronto, Canada. He maintains the website, which he cordially invites you to visit.



Jeffrey F. Barken is an author, photographer, and the creator of Follow his “open journal” on Twitter and Instagram for a window into his creative process and to join in collaborative ventures. A list of his recent publications is available here.