– Poetry by Guenevere Kimber, Art by Ian Welling –


One push starts it all.

One kind word can make someone smile.

One smile can make a person’s day.

One good day can lead to an attitude;

One shall never diminish,

A light so bright no one can extinguish. 

One smile leads to two.

Two smiles lead to four.

Four smiles leads to several.

Several leads to plenty.

Plenty creates un-dimming light.

One push starts it all. 




Guenevere Kimber started writing at the age of 8, but was already a complete lover of books as early as 3 years old. At 13, she continues to write more every day, especially poetry, in hopes of being a published author. She currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but she is lucky to have a home in Northern New Mexico as well.


Ian Welling is a surrealist artist with a touch of psychedelia thrown in. He creates art that explores the subconscious and the otherworldly spaces that exist behind our narrow perception, and our shallow grip on reality. Ian has shown in galleries in Miami, Thailand, Denver, Tampa, and Chicago. He studied fine arts at the Denver Academy for Arts, although he is largely self-taught.