Allied Editors 1

– Monologue by Magdalena Waz

The Allied Editors series of recordings threaded throughout Monologging’s Autumn, 2020, “Metanoia” themed issue, arose from our outreach to other publications. In our quest to celebrate the work of artists and writers across diverse platforms and to spotlight unique creative processes, our team recognizes the esteemed editors who select content and provide the wanting polish to any worthy piece, are absolutely integral to publishing. Without their devoted efforts there is no curation or meaningful discourse. Undoubtedly, all outlets of publishing have come under enormous strain in this momentous year. Thankfully, our colleagues persevere. As a testament to their courage, please enjoy our four featured editor’s monologue remarks, as they reflect on some of the most moving and or timely pieces they’ve encountered in 2020.

Magdalena Waz


Magdalena Waz moved from Kraków to Chicago to Wisconsin to Ohio to New York to Los Angeles. She’s a writer and editor whose articles, essays, and fiction have appeared in Threadcount, Necessary Fiction, and The Collagist. She holds an MA from Miami University (Ohio) in creative writing, and her debut novel, Return on Investment, was published by Fiction Attic Press in 2016.