Monologue: Nudes

-Monologging Artist Loreal Prystaj Discusses Nude Photography-


Loreal Prystaj


Loreal Prystaj – “I am an artist with a camera” Loreal is a visual artist based in New York City.  She was born and raised in upstate, Rochester, and has always loved visually creating; From illustrating painting to sculpting, to painting and photography.  Her work is eye catching, full of movement, vibrant color, and is playful to all stretches of the imagination, with, at times, a dark twist.

Loreal Graduated from F.I.T in May of 2013, and since then has spoken at accredited Universities, such as NYU and The Fashion Institute of Technology.  Her work has been exhibited, from California to Vermont, Upstate NY to Manhattan, and most recently at a pop-up gallery in Soho on the Lower East Side. Last summer her work was exhibited in Pinyoa, China, at the Pinyoa Art Exhibit.  Her work has been published in CREEM Magazine, Icon, Niche, Hue and ArtBuzz.

Loreal continues to express her ideas through the eye of the lens, and to grow as an artist. She and her work are inspirational, complex, often simple, and continue to expand…