Nuance I

– Monologue by Lark Dixon 

Few personal objects command such enviable presence or intimate subtlety as the jewels and talismans that men and women collect for bodily adornment. Throughout the ages, the art of jewelry making has provided status symbols, emblems of cultural identity, inherited and cherished traditions, irresistible romance and endless possibilities for individual expression. Exploring how metals can meld with skin and light with gems to launch a soul to heights of aura, is the Jeweler’s noble calling. The “Nuance” series threaded throughout Monologging’s Autumn 2021 issue is an exploration of different artisan perspectives, highlighting diverse inspirations for craft and the ways in which a scene is altered when ornaments dazzle eyes.




Lark Dixon is an Artist and a Healer. She is the founder and lead content creator of “Finding All The Chakras,” a healing organization dedicated to the transfer of information and the intentional work of creating safe spaces for positive energy conveyance. The artist was first introduced to wire wrapping early in her spiritual development as a result of being exposed to various healing elders throughout her community in Washington, DC. She began teaching in 2013, and soon discovered the majestic value of healing stones. The study of healing energies became her passion, practice and profession. Lark designs each tool through meditation and with clear intentions. Initially her focus was on designing wire-wrapped crystal jewelry and home decor. Each piece is created with the aim of clearing and purifying the energies of the wearer and the space. In addition, Lark also creates graphic prompts to teach people how to use the tools she fashions in meditation, and how to cleanse and care for these unique and exquisite ornaments.