Painting Poetry

– Time lapse video illuminates poetry by Diana Muller

Things You Find Under The Stone. 

For those buried by Irish institutions. 

Did you feel deep inside
that you deserved no candle
no hope of light eternal
as they had taught you?

Or hold some tiny spark
some ember in your heart
that beat its burning fists
against the walls of domination?

Though the world was silent
they swallowed the lie entire
and watched your pain unmoved
The stones cried out and cut the sky.

In the end she did reclaim you
her brambles twined about you
her waters wrapped around you
like someone who loved you.

Broke through concrete and mortar
grew into the silent halls and cellars
sent light dripping into your tiny cell
brought them low as Jericho.

She whispered in your ear
that you are as she intended
perfect in your fallen flesh
all she ever wanted.

An emblem of the kingdom
all full of holy light and fire
bursting with desire and song
dwelling far from their mansions.

The stream sings your glorification
for you are under the stones
and inside the knotted trees
within your Mother’s house.


Diana Muller


Diana Muller  grew up in a studio/ gallery, surrounded by artists.  She was educated by artists.  It’s all she ever wanted to do.She has  worked in most mediums but her favorites are oils and pastels due to their flexibility. She draws a lot of inspiration from the rural landscape in which she lives, the people she knows and the places she travels to as well as literature, mythology and dream imagery.

“Due to the method I use. My process is heavily dependant on chance. I like  unpredictability, Every time i start a new painting there’s a sense of trepidation, will it work this time? Every piece is going to be different, I can never replicate a painting, no matter how hard I might try. Color, tone and composition are, for me , about one thing, balance. Creating a harmonious whole is my objective.”