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REWILDING is a term that represents an array of efforts. First, rewilding is logically about bringing the environment back to its natural state, restoring ecological systems to their delicate balance. But in broader terms, rewilding can take place in our minds, in our art, and in our communication with each other. Rewilding is about sustainability, stewardship, steadfastness, and interconnectedness, so that we form compassionate bonds with the world around and among us.

Rewilding can look like planting a garden, it can mean playing a new tune, and it can look like new colors on our painting palette or new forms of poetry. It can mean a flourishing of communication. Rewilding can also mean building respect; it encourages us to be less selfish. Rewilding means accepting our responsibility as living beings in stewardship with everything on Earth. Rewilding is not a walk, but a dance.

These efforts of rewilding go beyond personal and spiritual considerations. They are integral to communities around the world that are grappling with the pace of modernization and the social, economic, and political challenges rapid change presents. Above all, untamed environmental degradation and global warming unleash the most intense nostalgia for vanishing wilds. To what extent can nature revive, and are we duty-bound to assist? Now, more than ever, there are questions of survival haunting society, and many wonder whether change itself has become so violent and relentless that our lives feel utterly out of our control. Isn’t the disarray this feeling breeds the very essence of a return to wildness? Let’s transform that feeling with gratitude and care, so that we thrive.

We anticipate our 2023 edition of will cast a wide net, inviting fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and expressive art submissions from creatives around the world, generating a profound meditation on the theme: Rewilding. 

*In the spirit of Monologging, collaborative multimedia submissions are always encouraged.

To submit your work for consideration, please follow the below links according to your writing or artistic interest.

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Fiction / Creative Nonfiction Guidelines:

1.) Compose a story, prose piece, essay or interview of 6K words or less.

2.) Provide a brief bio and any short explanatory notes you feel are relevant. (350 words max).

3.) Submit your work and cover letter via submittable.

Poetry Guidelines:

1.) Compose a single poem or series of poems no longer than 5 pages.

2.) Provide a brief bio and any short explanatory notes you feel are relevant. (350 words max).

3.) Submit your work and cover letter via submittable.

Art Guidelines: 

At we love to highlight the creative processes of talented artists. We also endeavor to connect artists with writers, inspiring collaborative multimedia projects. Give us a glimpse of your portfolio today & have your work featured in the magazine! 

1.) Visual art including photography, paintings and other imagery submissions are welcome. Specific file types apply. 

2.) No more than 5 files accepted at a time.

3.) Submit your work and bio via submittable.

*Note: All submissions are subject to review. Only entries approved by our editorial staff will be published.