Photo By Rawad Raidan

The Calmer

– Postcard Poem by Rawad Raidan – 

This reminds me of you and the part of myself I lost when you died. I thought I found something better when I fell in love. But all that did was excavate the area around my ribs for clues and fossils for tomb raiders following the legend– of the heart beating inside the heart. 

Come, let’s do simple things together. 

The next part is the storm, and we have to be the thing it fears most. The calmer of the storm.



Rawad Raidan writes creative non-fiction, postcard poetry, and the occasional spoken-word. He also co-hosts the Abu Dhabi Writers’ Café, a meetup in his city, supporting the writer-as-a-person through a diversity of voices. He is a fan of facilitation and exploring leadership models that empower the individual and the group alike. You can find his words on Medium @rawad-raidan. Say hi on instagram and facebook @rawadraidan.