The Greenhive

The Greenhive is the first art gallery, creative workspace, atelier, and plant conservatory in Union City, NJ. In the following Monologue,  founders Chris and Jules share their experiences opening the gallery and describe their goals in providing a creative space for the community. 


Featured artists of the Greenhive share some of their work and inspiration:

“My artist name is THERTY—from Florida, relocated to the metropolitan area in the early 2000’s. My art is just an extension of my everyday, influenced by the practices and theories of everyday life.

Kevin Diaz: “As a great savant of all things new age and occult, I naturally gravitate toward the energy of fear in my artwork. There’s something about being vulnerable to the world that shakes your core, the trepidation of eternal shame that propels you to be better. Although the feeling of dread and horror we face everyday is real, it is one that we also find exhilarating and paralyzing. I exemplify fear and anxiety through chaotic smears of color and the use of unconventional craft art materials, which make for a child-like image facing reality. Fear can be destructive and regenerating all at once, and has always been a starting point whenever I’m stuck on an idea. I enjoy painting fictitious as well as true crime scenarios, because we all know that life can be just as macabre as a horror movie.”

You’re the skies by Jean Paul Sandoval

Jean Paul Sandoval was born in 1994, in Paramonga, Lima, Peru. At the age of 12, he migrated to the United States. Since then, Jean Paul attended middle school, high school and college in New Jersey. In 2016, Jean Paul started exploring painting. His work is included in the Hudson Community College art collection. 

Antonio Figueroa – “When I paint I feel emotion and I feel relaxed and it makes me happy. It brings me joy.” 

Andy Maticorena Kajie is a Peru born Latino artist who is currently working in still and moving photographic imagery. His work mainly focuses on mental health and other various aspects of the human condition ranging from the general struggles of mental illness to the ideas of the sublime and the beautiful within the real world. His various series include genres such as portraiture, street photography, landscapes, and video art, each of which never fail to produce a certain level of anxiety or tension which is essential to his style. Andy is expected to graduate from the School of Visual Art with a BFA in Photography & Video with honors in May of 2023.

“I’m Ransidd, an artist from New Jersey. I paint, tattoo, but mostly draw. Right now I’m in college, working on a non-art major, but it’s not what I’m really passionate about. I like to create in the moment—you can tell in some of my pieces which ones are premeditated and which ones aren’t. I’m looking to explore new mediums in the future, like watercolor, spray paint, and dye.” 



Jules and Chris are co founders of the Greenhive in Union City, Jersey. They are very passionate about the arts, community and nature and strive to curate those elements in  harmony with one another. Jules also teaches both adults and children art classes at the Greenhive.