– Poems by Srividya Joshi, “Blue Room” by Stephan Vasement –

When I lost touch with Srividya Joshi during the Spring of ’21, I feared the worst. We’d been collaborating to recruit Haiku poets to participate in an international multimedia mosaic that would showcase sights and sounds in vivid verse from around the world. Sadly, the Delta COVID variant was raging in India with devastating consequences. Over a year went by before we reconnected, at which point she offered these poems, fragments from a long period she felt she couldn’t write, as a window into her experience… 

–  Jeffrey F. Barken




A rustling paper –
Mouthful of stillness murmurs
Aching sighs.

This now
While fire rises
The unhinged rush
The unhindered serene flow
The call to be heeded of both
The storms collected
While river flows
This now

Bartered for life
Fire of Sun blesses
Some world somewhere.



Srividya Joshi is an Interior Designer from Bangalore, India. Dabbling in words, she is exploring her inner world through poetry.