Microcinema Vignette with Poster by J Marquez-Simanca

Triumphus is part five of thirty-six vignettes in a larger holon project called Mea Hermetica. Each vignette — composed of metered verse, motion graphics and soundtrack — is marked by an archetypal vertex or Arista — a consciousness agent representing an interior and exterior, perspectival interactive experience. Fundamentally geometric, Aristas use a rhythmic language to shape themselves, and have direct correspondences to Western Esoterica. Mea Hermetica overall, is a contemplation on consciousness; it can be applied as a literary, introspective, or even a divinatory apparatus.





J Marquez-Simanca is a graphic designer, illustrator, and audiovisual artist based in New York. He curated and directed Revoluciones Collective Art Space in Denver for eight years, and received an AAS Summa Cum Laude in Communication Arts, and a BFA in Graphic Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook @idesignnyc, and Twitter at @id_designnyc.