Urban Vintages

– Monologue by Frédéric Robert Bouché 

Fine wines are replete with secrets. Frédéric Robert Bouché is a seasoned vintner and the founder of Ports of New York, an Ithaca NY-based winery. Hailing from France, he is the progeny of generations of skilled and devoted wine makers. In the following monologue Frédéric relates his family heritage,  the unique features of an “Urban Winery,” and lends a little visibility to the mysteries of his exquisite craft. 



Frédéric Bouché, owner and winemaker at Ports of New York, comes from a long line of winemakers in France. His great great grandfather owned vineyards in the Buzet appellation of the Bordeaux region. His great grandfather started a successful winery, known as Maison Bouché, in the Calvados appellation of Normandy. Growing up, Frédéric worked with his grandfather and was trained in the family techniques that he still uses today.  In 2003, Frédéric started Ports of New York in the Finger Lakes region of the United States.