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Lenny Bruce, Courtesy of Wikipedia

Lenny Bruce, Courtesy of Wikipedia

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    Yesterday’s Prompt:



Ever feel like a good idea or positive thought slips your memory? is interested in your daily stream of consciousness. Whether it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up, or your last coherent sentence before you go to bed, a brief 250 word monologue could make you a winner.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Visit every weekday morning to learn the day’s prompt word or phrase.

2.) Contemplate your monologue.

(ADVICE: Let your mind wander! We want to be surprised and so should you. There’s no telling where the word “Socks” or the phrase “The posters in my apartment” may take you by the end of 250 words.)

3.) Submit via submittable. $2.50 per entry (proceeds determine cash prizes) 

4.)  If you miss a prompt, don’t worry, a list of past prompts is below.

5.)Tell your friends!

The contest will begin Thursday, July 18, and conclude Sunday, September 29. That means over 50 different prompts will be issued. Write a weekly piece, write every day! Submissions are unlimited and will be judged by monologging editors, Jeffrey F. Barken and Menachem Kaiser  For more information about the game, monologue, the contest judges, and to read transcripts of the game played in person, click here!



1.) Watermelon

2.) Heat Dome

3.) “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!”

4.) Fog

5.) Subway

6.) Leftovers

7.) Glasses

8.) Double Sided Tape

9.) The Sofa

10.) Fresh Laundry Smell

 11.) Customer Service…

12.) The Wonders of Bleach…

13.) Interviews with Vampires…

14.) Pizza

15.) Sunscreen

16.) Nocturnal

17.) Lucky Charms

18.) Camping

19.) Nicknames

20.) Happy Hour

21.) Salt & Pepper

22.) My Guitar

23.) Grocery Shopping

24.) Coffee & Cigarettes

25.) Couch Surfing

26.) Skipping Class

27.) Food Poisoning…

28.) Mosquitos…

29.) Birthdays & Anniversaries

30.) Perfume

31.) Snooze

32.) Earthquake

33.) Groupons

34.) My Toothbrush

35.) Poker Face

36.) Lipstick

37.) Short of Breath…

38.) The Chicken Pox

39.) Bowling

40.) Taxi!

41.) How Do You Like Your Eggs?

42.) D.A.R.E

43.) Gravity

44.) Long Distance Relationships…

45.) Trampoline

46.) Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

47.) Haunted House

48.) Electric Slide

49.) Sandcastles

50.) Overtime

51.) Craving…

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