Travelogue Contest 2013

Backpackers, Photo Courtesy of

Backpackers, Photo Courtesy of


Sorry, This Category is

Now Closed to Submissions

The Contest will be judged shortly…

Travel someplace exotic this summer? Not sure what to do with the pictures from your last vacation? wants to know where you are headed and where you’ve been. A brief 250 word travelogue and a great picture could make you a winner!





Here’s how it works:

1.) Contemplate your travelogue

(ADVICE: Consider every trip you’ve ever taken. What stands out in your mind as a memorable scene or experience?  What feelings and emotions do you associate with travel? Your brief 250 word piece should capture the essence of your adventure and leave us wanting more!)

2.) Find the perfect picture to accompany your travelogue.

3.) Submit your picture and writing via  submittable. $2.50 per entry (proceeds determine cash prizes)

4.)Tell your friends!

The contest will begin Thursday, July 18, and conclude Saturday, November 30. Write a weekly piece, write every day! Submissions are unlimited and will be judged by monologging editors, Jeffrey F. Barken and Menachem Kaiser.

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