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Fictional character’s come from all walks of life. More often than not, we stumble upon them or enter their consciousness at the most peculiar moments. Late at night, in the early fog, in the midst of a crisis, after a fall. Sometimes we spy them through our window…

This directory chronicles the serialized adventures of many new fictional characters making their first debut on the literary scene. Entries also reflect the backstory behind some already popularized characters. By launching a character today you can participate in monologging’s effort to populate the web with memorable characters, help authors develop their character’s voices, and interact with a world of fiction. 

Browse the character lists below to get on the trail of some good reading and to meet some powerful personalities:



“Walif Price” — A character by Neelab Mahmoud

*A young man falls into reverie, recounting his parents love affair in the midst of war and occupation in the Middle East…


“Portrait of Inspector Tawney” — A Character by Alicia Fuhrman

*A stiff detective lurks in his study, awaiting a phone call that will set in motion a new case…



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