Collaborative Projects

Thoughtful and engaging collaborative projects represent the artistic end product that endeavors to inspire. By connecting artists with writers, providing intimate critiques, interviews and engaging media outlets, creative works come alive and solicit viewer input.  Check in often to see how members are working together!


“MACKEREL” —Story by Jeffrey F. Barken, Illustrations by Diana Muller

*Story tells of three hungry travelers who go fishing one night on the pier in Galway, Ireland. Their plans are disturbed by a mysterious drunk with a murky past…

 “PASSIVE AGRESSIVE” -Story by Christina Lengyal, Illustration by Yutaka Houlette

*A nightmare has descended upon LA. Lucid dreamers appear to be involved in a riotous rebellion with fatal consequences. The Nation is alarmed…

               “PERFORMING FROST/NIXON”— Story by Jeffrey F. Barken

*A behind the scenes look at Director Steven Goldklang’s new production at the Vagabond Players Theatre in Baltimore, and the collaborators who brought the show to the stage.


              “POETIC PRINTS”—Poem by Rachel Wooley, Print by Dara Lorenzo

*Artist Dara Lorenzo and Rachel Wooley merge poetry with photography, to evoke a colorful yet disorienting landscape.

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