Poetic Prints

On Friday November 9th the Osteria Da Amedeo restaurant in Baltimore’s “Little Italy” hosted an opening for artist Dara Lorenzo. Dara’s unique style added rusted hues to the restaurant’s interior with her collection of Urban photograph prints depicting scenes from Baltimore, New Orleans and Oakland. The gallery also showcased a collaborative piece initiated by Monologging.org. In”Rain,” a poem by author, Rachel Wooley, a woman resists the influence of shadows as she walks through a lonely landscape.

Dara has incorporated the text into her collaborative piece. The project took several months to complete with Rachel and Dara communicating primarily via email, and at times living on opposite ends of the world. They met for the first time during the opening. Scroll below to read Rachel’s poem and view the collaborative piece.


"Rain" Collaborative piece by Dara Lorenzo. Poem by Rachel Wooley


I wish one person could be the sun
and the grey sky, and night – but he’s
only blinding, hot white light or darkness
eclipsing my in-between.

Rachel And Dara Together in Front of Their Collaborative Piece 11/9/12

I don’t want his shelter.
I’d rather listen to the whisper
of the leaves in the rain
and the sigh of settling rooftops.
Let them crumble softly
onto the sidewalk,
disintegrate like paper
in the puddles –

and drown his words, telling me
what doesn’t work between us.


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