“Danny Boy”

JEFFREY: “How do you remember our first meeting in Kerry?

DIANA: “Well I think it was Jo- Anne who bought you back to the house wasn’t it? I met you at the kitchen table in my folks house and we talked about…Books I think. And then we showed each other short stories we’d written. I thought it was cool that you were into literature in a big way.

JEFFREY: “What about that song?”

DIANA: You mean Danny Boy” I remember I was the one who drove you to Killarney to the hostel and we went for a walk in the national park and then you wanted to see a traditional Kerry pub so we walked into one called “Traditional Kerry Pub.” I will never ever forget this: There was and old man standing at the bar singing Danny Boy. This is the equivalent of walking into a bar in Arizona to find Clint Eastwood fighting with two low life’s over a poker game. It just doesn’t happen, ever. Living cliché, amazing.”

"Traveling Riverside Blues," Oil On Canvas, Diana Muller

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