Gallery Night II

Timmy Reed (left) and Matthew Falk, (right) discuss their writing at Gallery Night, April 28th 2012


        TWO WRITERS,

                 ONE GALLERY…


On Saturday, April 28th, founder and Editor, Jeffrey F. Barken and his wife, Avi, were again pleased to invite several local artists to redecorate their Baltimore home with original art and designs. The gallery was then open to the public from 5PM throughout the evening. Elizabeth Laudenslager prepared a series of stunning photographs and wintergreen transfers, inspired by her explorations of rural Pennsylvania. Balancing Elizabeth’s work and creating a rich atmosphere throughout the apartment, were lighting and furniture designs by Wesley Burdett.

What made this event different from the last gallery, of course, was its inclusion of two local writers, Matthew Falk, and Timmy Reed. Matthew prepared a poem entitled, “It’s Curtains For You,” to accompany the ghostly themes and fall emotions present in Elizabeth’s photography. Timmy’s prose submission, a piece entitled, “My Furniture,” offers a playful perspective of our daily interactions with furniture and highlights the uniquely recycled materials that Wesley commonly uses in his designs.

In preparation for the gallery, everyone contributed significantly. The artists met frequently with Jeffrey and Avi to discuss the progress of their work, map the show space, and develop a program for the evening. While Elizabeth built her own frames, Wesley installed extensive track lighting to hang above her work. This made the pictures pop out from the wall, and enhanced the rustic reds, greens, blues and browns that render Elizabeth’s photography so powerful and inviting. Once the writers had submitted their work, Avi prepared a hanging tablet contraption to display Matthew’s story, and an accordion styled book that spanned across a shelf containing Timmy’s prose piece. As a centerpiece to the entire gallery, Wesley previewed this prototype for a plexiglass lounge chair held together by bamboo planks:

As Jeffrey and Avi continue to host these evenings, some elements are becoming a tradition. For example, the couple insists that featured artists always include a “bathroom piece.” Wesley used the occasion to show off his Hanging Pendant design. A cylindrical lamp made from a brass diffuser that focused a small, yellow beam of light directly over the bathroom sink. Elizabeth, displayed her drawing of a wolf. Additionally, in the kitchen, Jeff and Avi again prepared a wall covered with poster board and provided oil pastels for guests to leave their own creative mark throughout the evening!


The gallery took up the entire apartment and even extended onto the back porch were one of Wesley’s larger pieces, (shown above), a light made from banded wood veneer hung over the fire escape, casting a warm, yellow-orange glow. There was a great turn out and everyone was excited for the evening’s culminating event, a toast to the artists by Jeffrey and the opportunity to hear Matthew read his poem.

That four talented artists could bring together such diverse art forms, so seamlessly, into one gallery is a tremendous triumph of collaboration. was proud to facilitate their communication and to promote their work. Jeffrey and Avi look forward to hosting many similar events in the near future. Thank you to all who attended!

To experience the gallery, and read Matthew and Timmy’s writings as they were displayed alongside Elizabeth’s and Wesley’s work please follow the links below:

“It’s Curtains For You,” (Poem by Matthew Falk,Photography by Elizabeth Laudenslager).

“My Furniture,” (Prose by Timmy Reed, Lighting and Furniture Designs by Wesley Burdett).



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