Gallery Night

Gallery Night is a one night event geared at highlighting the artistic works of local artists. In 2012, founder and Editor, Jeffrey F. Barken and his wife, Avi, have invited several artists to redecorate their Baltimore home with original works in upcoming shows.


Saturday January 21st,  Marked the first Monologging event of the year and the first ever Gallery Night. At the couple’s invitation, local Baltimore Artist, Paola Albergate, used the space to construct an elaborate wallpaper installation over the central fireplace. Several ink drawings, original Polaroids and a video installation were also on display.

Wall Paper Installation,(Paola Albergate) Gallery Night 1/21/2011


The centerpiece wallpaper installation, seen here, used aged pages from several first edition novels including: China to Me (Emily Hahn), Fabled Shore from the Pyrenees to Portugal  (Rose Macaulay), Lady of the Lindon Tree (Pichord), Strange Lands and Friendly People (William O. Douglas).

The piece was an impressive, textured and detailed surface. As the loose pages curved upward into the room, the different travelogues, and fantasy texts merged together. Visitors enjoyed standing close in order to read excerpts and to discover hidden pictures in the paper and print landscape. Viewed from afar, the installation breathed warmth into the apartment. Guests commented that the pages reflected the yellow lamp light, and gave the middle wall an inviting, fuzzy, and softer appearance.

It took Paola countless hours in her studio, and her team of fellow artists, two nights to construct the gallery. The open house began at 7PM and went until midnight.

The Making of Gallery Night 


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