The Making of Gallery Night

When Paola arrived to set up her exhibition, many of her projects were still works in progress. With the help of her friends, she unraveled several wall sized sheets containing the folded book pages that she had prepared in her studio. She then began patching the holes while her assistants assembled the central installation above the fire place. Since much of Paola’s work explores and is influenced by memory, the gallery was designed to capture the essence of Cape Cod Massachusetts, where her family regularly vacations.

Works were accentuated by glistening oyster shells left on the mantels and window sills. There were also candles, and small photographs scattered about the smaller walls of the apartment. A video component that replayed a tidal scene on a northern beach and the reversible horseshoe crab and shell paintings composed in ink, completed the collection.

The following pictures show the assembly of the gallery, and the apartment as it appeared on Gallery Night.


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