Jeffrey F. Barken, editor and founder of, is a novelist and a reporter. His self-designed book, This Year in Jerusalem, includes the prize-winning story, “The Guns in Gaza” and is beautifully illustrated by artist and fellow Monologger, Diana Muller.

Since 2011, Jeffrey has provided freelance reporting for, a Houston-based publication that solicits Jewish interest news stories for distribution to English papers around the world. He has covered diverse cultural, political, economic and social issues as well as sports, technology, medicine and the arts. Jeffrey also was a local news reporter for WomanScope News Magazine. His fiction has been published in What Weekly, -ality and in the University of Baltimore’s print literary journal, Welter. Below please find a full list of the author’s publications:





– Jerusalem Unity Prize – Families of slain Israeli teens establish prize, promoting unity among Israelis. Published by Feb. 23rd, 2015




– Marriage in Israel – A frank conversation with Tzohars Rabbi David Stav. Published by February 6th, 2015




– Jewish UNESCO – New interactive App directs travelers to the best Jewish cuisine and heritage sites around the world. Published by January 21st, 2015




– FIDF Maintains Israeli Soldier Morale in Precarious Times – Interview with newly appointed National Director Maj. Gen. (Res.) Meir Klifi-Amir (Klifi). Published by December 31st, 2014




– Disability Advocates & Jewish Community – Meeting hosted by the Ruderman Family Foundation inspires greater inclusion for disabled persons & Jewish Community building. Published by December 22nd, 2014




– Kutshers – Documentary film captures the eclectic legacy of a Borscht Belt relic. Published by November 12th, 2014




Turning Back the Clock – JDC exhibit depicts a century of Jewish humanitarian work. Published by July 28th, 2014




Reverse Birthright– Haifa Universities Pioneering Jewish American Studies Program takes Israelis on a US. Adventure. Published by July 6th, 2014




– Some of My Best Friends – Book review, “Some of My Best Friends” by Ben Cohen, a clear-eyed analysis of 21st-century anti-Semitism. Published by June 18th, 2014




–  Foreign Workers Taking Care of the Elderly in Israel – Exploring the lives of foreign workers in Israel. Published by May 28th, 2014




–  Latest twist in Jewish Fiction – Book Review of “A Wolf in the Soul” by Ira T. Berkowitz. Published by May 15th, 2014




Exploring The Norman Tel Aviv – a tour of the beautifully restored boutique hotel’s luxurious grounds and contemporary art gallery. Published by April 23rd, 2014




Holocaust Literature – Exploring Holocaust memoirs. What will change as survivors pass. Published by March 19th, 2014.




Negev Tourism – Travel reporting; riding Israel’s new extended train line. Published January 15th, 2014.




University of Haifa Ruderman Program Inspires Debate – Education reporting. Published by JNS November 25th, 2013.




Behind the book – Authors reflections on book touring in Israel. Published by November 10th, 2013.




Sticking to Storytelling – Exploring the Israeli literary scene. Published by November 10th, 2013.




Maimonides –  Education reporting, Modern medical perspectives of the ancient sage. Published by November 1st, 2013.




Norway’s New Government – Political reporting on Norway’s elections and persistent anti-semitism. Published by September 22nd, 2013.




Sounding the Alarm on Modern Anti-Semitism – Book review. Published by August 26th 2013.


Formula One Scuderia Ferrari team driver Giancarlo Fisichella drives a Ferrari F60 past The Tower of David and the ancient walls of Jerusalem's Old City, during the second day of the Jerusalem Formula Peace Road Show


A Winning Formula – Sports reporting on Israel’s experiment with Formula racing. Published by August 12th, 2013.




For Germany and Israel, a Textbook Case– Education and policy reporting regarding the textbook review collaboration. Published by July 28th, 2013.


Ausstellung "die ganze Wahrheit ... was Sie schon immer über Juden wissen wollten"


Germans and Jews Thinking Inside and Outside the Box – Culture-based reporting on the Berlin Jewish Museums controversial “The Whole Truth” exhibit. Published by July 7th, 2013.




The Last Israelis – Book review. Published by July 1st, 2013.




Klara’s Journey– Book review. Published by  June 9th, 2013.




Jewish Jordan– Book review. Published by June 3rd, 2013.




Remapping the Vilnius Ghetto– Education and information technologies reporting. Published by May 13th 2013.




Refusenic’s Memoir – Book review. Published October 28th 2012.




Thoughtful Adventures of Jewish Identity– Book review. Published by November 18th, 2012.




Tracking Faith – Book review. Published by October 23rd 2012.


Elie Wiesel


Jewish Fiction Finds a New Home on the Net – Published by September 13th 2012.




Seeds of Change – Exploring Israel’s rare and exotic fruits agriculture. Published by January 9th, 2012.




Peoples Park of the Future – Local events reporting. Published by WomanScope NewsMagazine Dec. 7th 2011.




Inside the Israeli Doctor’s Strike – Politics reporting. Published by, November 28th, 2011.




Where Rockets Miss, A Kibbutz Prospers– Travel and Culture reporting, exploring Kibbutz Dorot. Published by November 14th, 2011.




Green Currency Grows Community – Local economy reporting. Published by WomanScope NewsMagazine, November 7th 2011.




Touring the NurseryLocal education reporting. Published by WomanScope NewsMagazine September 14th, 2011.


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