Letter From the Editor

Dear Guests,

Delhi market, Dec, 2012

Welcome, and thanks for visiting. Monologging.org was originally founded in 2012 as a local-global literary magazine that connected writers with artists around the world, encouraging collaborative multimedia creation. Based in Baltimore Maryland, where I was attending school, over the course of the site’s first year online, fantastic projects, combined with book and theater reviews, special reporting, beautiful galleries, and even an experimental “Monologue” contest attracted over 20,000 hits.

This year I will be transitioning Monologging to support some of the travel writing and freelance reporting I will be doing when I take my newly published collection of short stories, This Year in Jerusalem, on the road for an improvised book tour. With this post I’d like to say a fond farewell to all the wonderful people I worked and studied with in Baltimore. This website and my book would never have been possible without their interest and engagement.

Reporting primarily from Israel, I look forward to relating my adventures, and offering new perspectives of this troubled, though culturally rich region. In addition, I will continue to honor my commitment to the writers and artists that helped build the Monologging community by providing new opportunities to submit to the publication, new contests, and by frequently featuring works by guest collaborators.

Stay tuned for updates about the book tour, links to new articles, galleries, contests and interactive presentations.

Thank you for your continued support. I hope you will visit often,


-Jeffrey F. Barken

(Editor and Founder of Monologging.org)

Jeffrey F. Barken, On the train from Delhi to Hyderabad, India, January 2012


Jeffrey F. Barken, editor and founder of Monologging.org, is a novelist and a reporter. Having recently completed his Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing at the University of Baltimore, Jeffrey has now set out on a year long tour through Europe and Israel to promote his debut story collection, “This Year in Jerusalem,” His self-designed book includes the prize winning story “The Guns in Gaza” and is beautifully illustrated by artist and fellow Monologger,Diana Muller.Click below to view a list of Jeffrey’s past publications.



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