“grander introduction”

DIANA: “Let me turn your question around… How do you remember our first meeting?”

JEFF: “It’s a funny thing actually. I’m not sure I remember everything clearly. I remember Joanne picking me up on the road. We had to stop a couple times along the way because she was out taking pictures of Ettienne and Michael who were testing out a new pair of hand made wooden Kayaks and paddling across the bay. I was going from town to town on my hike around Kerry, staying at hostels, living off Peanut butter and jelly and cooking pasta with spices at night to survive. I couldn’t believe her generosity when she offered to drop me in the small town of Carhidaniel and then told me to knock on her door as soon as I made my way to Sneem.”

“…Anyway, once I got to your house I remember being shown around back to Jo-Anne’s studio, being served some classic Irish tea, and then you came up and we got to talking. You wanted a sketch of me playing banjo, and I was happy to relax and tell you stories of my travels! The rest of my time with your family at Brushwood studios is a bit of a blur. I remember being taken out on the Kayaks, I remember the day you burnt me all those cd’s (some of which I still have and love to listen to on road trips!) And of course I remember our trip to Killarney….”

Jeff and the Muller Family at Brushwood Studios, Spring, 2007

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