Guinness sludge

JEFF: I remember when I finally broke down walking and put my thumb out for a ride. I was stunned! Nearly the second I did so, a sputtering red car pulled and a pair of newly weds offered to take me to the next town. I had never received a ride so fast…. Anyway they dropped me soon after and that set the precedent. I was through hiking, and was all about catching rides. But before I could go anywhere I needed to recuperate. The first 15 miles had done me in pretty bad. There were giant blisters on my toes and my shoulders were hurting from the straps on my heavy bag. Before I checked in to the local hostel I decided that the only thing to do was grab a tasty Guinness at a little pub and watch the sun set over Caherciveen. I had seen a beautiful, rolling countryside on the way to the town and a giant abandoned castle lay in the distance…. No doubt about it, it was the best beer I’ve ever tasted!

Caherciveen Castle

"Caherciveen Sunset"

Caherciveen, Summer 2007



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