“Jen’s Demanded to Know”

DIANA: “What have you learned from the collaboration?”

JEFF: “I’ve definitely learned a lot about the web. Since this was my first time telling a story in a serial format, and I was also the publisher of the material, the process of producing the piece became fairly involved. At times I really enjoyed writing and the story plot and characters all came easily. At other times I was completely blocked and worried that I had taken the story down a dead end road and didn’t know where I was going. I learned that if you are less calculating when you develop plot then the characters unpack their personalities more, react freely to events, and reveal themselves in a less contrived manner. Somehow I think I had forgotten that this is the adventure part of writing…”

“As a collaborative exercise, I could not be happier with the work that Diana and I produced. Through our Skype dialogues, and quick back and forth emails, I think we realized a lot about the realm of artistic possibilities provided by the internet. I loved watching her style change with each story installment and the way her work melded with the prevailing mood of the writing. I hope to work with her again soon!”

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