DIANA: “You got  married since I saw you last, big change? Has it changed the way you write relationships?”

 JEFF: “Definitely a big change. My wife is a constant supporter of my work, and the best reader I know. She always calls me out when I’m faking something or taking the easy way out in my writing…  And in terms of writing about relationships… It’s definitely helped. Being committed to a long term relationship, I think I’ve been able to see through the shallowness that supports the early romance of new and shorter lived relationships, underline where emotions clash with perspective, and to expose the crudity of some situations. Dialogue is the key to unlocking most secrets when it comes to writing a relationship and I think I have lots more to learn on this front. I’m only beginning to feel a little deeper into what people are actually longing for when they seek a lover, and to realize the full capacity of what two people are capable of when they are in love….”

"Sleeping Couple" Diana Muller

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