DIANA: “When you write , how clearly do you visualise the surroundings in your mind? Do you have a clear visual of what characters look like?”

JEFF:  “It used to happen quite suddenly.  The first thing I always saw at the start of writing a novel or a story was the title and the last scene. It’s more of a feeling really. If I know the feeling that I want to arrive at by the end of the story, then the beginning, middle and end slowly present themselves as I write in order to facilitate that ending. But now things are changed, especially with Mackerel. I’ve given up a lot of control lately in my writing, and by doing this I think I have found a much more fluid and versatile voice….”

“In terms of character description, however, I rely heavily on materialism, (Something I learned from studying Joyce while I was in Ireland and never forgot) a hat, clothing, hair, one or a few small details can suggest the necessary basic imagery of a character and then I can use dialogue to connect and project that character’s personality.”

"Old Parisian" Diana Muller

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