“The Next Stage of my Travels”

JEFFREY: “I know you recently took a big trip to the States? What were your impressions?”

DIANA:  “I actually painted two pictures after I got back “Dry’ And “Wet” based on my impressions of the US ( Particularly the southwest.) I wouldn’t say it changed my view of Ireland but it enabled me to put into words a certain feeling about it. I even  wrote poems to go with the pictures if you want to see them…. I found the people wonderful and the landscape awe inspiring but there’s this sense of age in the land itself… Older than Europe. With this new culture floating on top of this rock hard monolith of a landscape and it’s hard. If you fall you crack open, and no one picks you up, so people have to fly and takeoff or else.  Ireland is soft and spongy and gentle on the other hand and when you fall you get cushioned and sucked into the bog and maybe never climb out again.”

"Dry," Oil on Canvas, Diana Muller

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