News From the Tour

Cover illustration by Diana Muller

Cover illustration by Diana Muller


Welcome to This Year in Jerusalem’s 2013-2014 book tour news page.


As I take my book on the road this year I would like to invite readers to experience the collection of stories interactively. Subscribe to today to receive updates about readings, galleries and to read reports from my travels abroad.

Wandering and Wondering in the Holy Land: Book Review by Ellis Shuman

Intermission: New Travels and a Break from the tour. Feb. 19th 2014

600 Strangers: Book Tour Encounters, Nov. 6th, 2013

Berlin, June 2013: Poems and photography by Jeffrey F. Barken

Book Signing in Ireland, June 12th, 2013: Coffee House reading in Kenmare Ireland

Publication Party and Gallery, May 11th, 2013: Open house gallery featuring artwork by Dara Lorenzo, Baltimore MD





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