Tell God I Don’t Exist, Trailer

Monologging Contributor, Timmy Reed has produced an epic trailer previewing his debut collection of short stories,

Tell God I Don’t Exist


Critics are raving:

“Timmy Reed’s stories are so strange and so funny that it’s impossible to stop reading them. There is a great imagination at work in Tell God I Don’t Exist and I’m grateful to have been a witness to it.”

– Michael Kimball, author of Big Ray and Dear Everybody

“If George Saunders and Russell Edson had a baby he’d probably grow up to write like Timmy Reed. These stories are beautifully haunting, surprisingly bizarre, and wonderfully imaginative. It is a joy to read such fresh and mind-bending prose.”

– Jessica Anya Blau, author of Drinking Closer to Home and The Summer of Naked Swim Parties

“Timmy Reed’s Tell God I Don’t Exist announces a wildly gifted new voice. These stories are at once intimate and vast, full of beauty and strangeness and grit and heartbreak. A luminous debut.”

– Laura van den Berg, author of What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us

“If Aesop’s Fables ever decided to get weird, really weird, they’d look a lot like Tell God I Don’t Exist.”

– Beach Sloth

“If you come to this book with expectations of what a short story should be, prepare to have them pleasantly, if fleetingly, defied. If you go in with no expectations, then congratulations, you may be one of the few people who don’t need art like this.”

– Baltimore City Paper

“The prose itself is refreshingly unique. The sentences layer themselves into often-unexpected situations, expressing themselves with a clarity that never makes you feel lost, despite the rabbit holes (or perhaps mole tunnels) that they often lead you through. The experiences in each feel tangible, despite the dream-like way in which they often unfold.”

– Rachel Wooley, Monologging,org

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