To The Middle East And Back

Jeffrey and David Meeting in Tel-Aviv, January 2010


A Correspondence:

Two years ago monologging founder, Jeffrey F. Barken and his brother David enjoyed meeting up in Israel. At the time, Jeffrey was volunteering on Kibbutz Dorot, a small agricultural community 10 miles from the embattled Gaza Strip. David, meanwhile, was enrolled in an intensive two month course concerning Israeli culture and history in Ramat Ha-Sharon IL. Throughout the year that Jeffrey was abroad, the brothers maintained a snail-mail correspondence detailing their reactions to events at home in the USA as well as in Israel…

David has recently returned to Israel. He will spend a semester studying at Tel-Aviv University. In the spring he will travel throughout the Middle-East. Rather than wait for the mail to arrive, this time the brothers have decided to make their letters public. Equipped with a camera and his own blog, David will be acting foreign correspondent for The brothers will share books, reactions to election politics in both countries, and reflect on their travels.  Tune in often to keep up with David’s reports from Israel, view pictures, and to read Jeffrey’s replies! The chronology of letters is listed below:

Letter 1.—August 13th, 2012 (David)

Letter 2.—August 23, 2012 (Jeffrey)

Letter 3.—September 3, 2012 (David)

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