#Bite: Sick Day

Post Photo Courtesy of: en.wikipedia.org

Post Photo Courtesy of: en.wikipedia.org

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The following 140 character tweets were written by monologging enthusiasts across the web in response to last week’s prompt, “Sick Day.”

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#Bite @diranasaurus Wake up. Rub eyes. Taste morning breath. Pull on cap. Eat breakfast. Taste vomit. Open shirt. Clean PICC. Taste metal.

#Bite @RogerMarket Six visitors in four hours. #LuckiestGirlEver. The fifth one cleaned the puke bucket AND signed the divorce papers.

#Bite @TheBetsyBoyd The flu? (Raises hand.) I’ll take it — to stay home with TV, soup and soda. No boss! No bra! (Raises hand high.) ME!

#Bite @TheBetsyBoyd You’re sick—a sicko—you stink—blow—you’re hot with drain—you son of a sneeze on a city bus—in my own mirror: Monster!

#Bite @jkres14 The party raged and the night got blurry. A meeting at 9 but woke up groggy. I’m thinking today will be a sick day. *cough*

#Bite @JemmaMarieBeggs I’ll take one prescription for Disney & duvets with hourly doses of soup and self-pity. And don’t forget the drugs!

#Bite @TheSquibbler Lights flashed in the darkness. Uncontrollable chills while bundled. Was this an illness or the creep of death?

#Bite @mess_of_petals Hungover at my birthday lunch. “What’s wrong?” Grandpa asks sweetly. “Flu,” I say. “The 24 ounce flu,” mutters my dad.

#Bite @19nik72 This unwelcome parasite, lodged in with barbed hooks. From burning eyes influenza cries, “no work today.”

#Bite @AbbyHiggs I vomited in a department store entrance as a kid. My mom continued to shop; she just gave me a bag. Now I hate Macy’s.

#Bite @ModernAlice123 Sickly cups of chamomile tea drown my insides, while couch-bound and stuck inside I sit here and count the hours.

#Bite @NairobiCollins First symptom, coughing. The last straw, my aching body. I called in to call out. Hot tea, cold cereal, Netflix, nap.


Post Photo Courtesy of: en.wikipedia.org