Introducing #Bite!

-The New Monologging.org Free Submission Category- 



Monologging.org is seeking raw and biting 140 character poetry, personal expressions, and ultra-short fiction submissions to publish weekly on Twitter.

Here’s How it Works:

1.) Every week a new theme / prompt will be posted. Visit Monologging.org, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn about the weekly theme.

Example Theme: Techno Music

2.) Compose your submission:

Responses must follow this format:

#Bite @(Your Twitter handle) (Your original content)

*Your writing should embrace the theme with a clear and resounding voice, reveal character, or convey a profound mood. Responses will also be rated for the author’s word choice, style, and ability to abbreviate (where necessary) with clarity.

3.) Submit for FREE via SUBMITTABLE up until 12PM EST every Thursday night, at which point the category will close until a new theme is posted Sunday Morning.

*Submissions must be titled according to the weekly theme/prompt and comply with standard Twitter formatting. All submissions exceeding 140 characters will be declined.

4.) Submissions will be reviewed on a weekly basis Monologging Editor, Jeffrey F. Barken and Seattle-based poet, Patrick Milian.

Click here to read: #Bite examples written by Jeffrey and Patrick.

*As many as 10 submissions will be selected weekly for publication every Saturday. You’ll know yours was chosen when you hear your phone “tweet” and read this exciting news: “@monologging mentioned you in a tweet!”

Selected entries will also be published on Monologging.org under the title “This Week’s #Bite Twitter Tales.”

We’re looking forward to reading your work and sharing some biting writing! Please visit and explore Monologging.org often. Submit to #Bite as many times as you like and connect with the growing network of up-and-coming artists featured on the site via social media. Happy Tweeting!

*Note: All submissions are subject to review by Monologging Editors. Only entries approved by our staff will be published.

Editor Bios:

Jeffrey F. Barken

Jeffrey F. Barken


Jeffrey F. Barkeneditor and founder of Monologging.org, is a novelist and a reporter. He  is the author of “This Year in Jerusalem,” a collection of fiction stories loosely based on his experiences as a kibbutz volunteer in Israel, 2009-10. In 2013, Jeffrey traveled to Europe and Israel to conduct a promotional book tour for his self-designed and self-published book. He has recently returned to New York City where he is completing work on a new novel, entitled: “All the Lonely Boys in New York.”



Patrick Milian

Patrick Milian


Patrick Milian recently received his MFA from the University of Washington where he was a recipient of the Klepser Endowed Fund and the Joan Grayston Poetry Prize. His poetry has appeared in Denver Quarterly, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Meridian, Copper Nickel, The Baltimore Review, and several other journals. He currently lives and writes in Seattle.


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