#Bite: Arson

Post Photo Courtesy of http://www.robert-b-ritter-jr.com/

Post Photo Courtesy of http://www.robert-b-ritter-jr.com/

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The following 140 character tweets were written by monologging enthusiasts across the web in response to last week’s prompt, “Arson.”

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#Bite @beccaelisesays The flames cast poinsettias in her glaring gaze; she throws another photo & we watch our history melt, blacken, gone.

#Bite @jennytomato Plywood bandages the injuries. A once stately & proud boasting beauty now somber, smoldering in ash. Victim of a coward.

#Bite @BelartWright In Detroit Halloween’s were never dark. From the orange glow of unlucky houses came the devil’s night light.

#Bite @TheSquibbler Conspired plans of accidental destruction. Insurance collection & fade into obscurity. Thoughts many now dream.

#Bite @TheSquibbler He flicked his cigarette into the hibernating bushes & kept walking, presuming he was doing the family a favor.

#Bite @everlastingMCL An innocent of Twain’s domain bled out upon his Palatine; so Nero’s folly raged forth to “Burn this fucker down!”

#Bite @JemmaMarieBeggs The girl slipped unnoticed from the bakery. That’ll teach Tommy she thought as she skipped down Pudding lane.

#Bite @jkres14 Mary Jane and I always loved taking walks–one time we came upon a fallen log. With nothing else to do, we roasted that tree.

#Bite @chrisphillipx Sadness. Power. Control. If I can’t have you, then nobody will. 2 gallons should work. Once I drop this match it’s over

#Bite @RogerMarket He cheated; she found out. His house was lovely that night, under the full moon, burning to the ground. Full of his shit.