First Bites…


Photo Courtesy of’s_pole is pleased to present the first #Bite Twitter Tales!

The following 140 character tweets were written by monologging enthusiasts across the web in response to last week’s prompt, “Bad Haircut.”

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#Bite @JemmaMarieBeggs I sit in the chair clutching the photo. This is it-The Look. The scissors glide toward my head. Snip Snip. Shit! Shit!

#Bite @Carolynesutra 4 years old at my dad’s barber, Rocco, family friend. It was a favor, business was bad. Egos are quick to grow back.

#Bite @TheSquibbler Aspiration? Fierce Rihanna cut. Photo in tow. Miracles unexpected, stylistdidn’t even try. She, too kind to say so.

#Bite @anniemalhaus Macklemore bouffant, Big Unit mullet. Chop off the dead and put a bowl upon it.

#bite @mess_of_petals when I passed out in a stylist’s chair after an all night bender shedid her best, bless her efforts. #myrockbottom

#bite @chrisphillipx I’m not crazy. Just poor. I did it myself. Next time..I’ll see a barber. *sigh* Nobodywill hire me looking like this.

#Bite @everlastingMCL Ms. Mansfield was low hanging fruit when her chignon du cour fell upon gravelno Jain would dare to harvest. C’est chic!

#Bite @everlastingMCL Seared locks from Egypt’s queen lit a flame in Singapore. Couture took up thesavoir faire and torched Rodeo Drive.

#Bite @TheBetsyBoyd Hair can hurt your feelings: for Darla, 13, new bangsclanged in her ears, as girls laughed, AND boys–even her old aunt failed to halt her H-H-HAA.

#Bite @RogerMarket What kind of tip are you after, hon? Bangs too short, sideburns askew, AND you stole my heart. I can’t even! Here’s my #.

#Bite @gioclair Marie-Antoinette loved the poor: she cut their hair with scissors andbowl. A monk’s bob they got, instead of a pompadour


Photo Courtesy of’s_pole